The Spring At Nazareth
The Spring at Nazareth

   This painting is a depiction of a triple headed spring that was the only water source in ancient Nazareth of Israel/Palestine. For centuries people have come here to this spring in the Greek quarters of this little city with their water jars. At the present time, there is daily, the same sort of procession, as in the days of antiquity, of men and women quenching their thirst and the thirst of their herds and flocks here and then carrying away the precious liquid in jars on their heads or their shoulders. Men and woman, often wearing the white robes of their nomadic inheritance? Many decked with ornaments, all treading the same paths of those other carriers of two thousand years ago. Some traditions have enshrined this spring site as a marking place of the Savior's stay on earth and is said to be most probably the site of the Christian 'Annunciation'. This "Virgin's Fountain" would undoubtedly have been frequented by Mary and Jesus of Nazareth two thousand years ago. Springs and wells had been the sites of people's rneetings and gatherings in antiquity.

36" X 36" Acrylic on Canvas Painting

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