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   What are Movable Murals?
   Movable Murals is a new concept in art for a mobile and changing world. Movable Murals are permanently painted on specially prepared 1/4" masonite boards with finished edges. The masonite boards are 4' x 8'. Murals can be 8' high and any width. Additional width is provided with careful seaming. Murals can be cut to fit any space and are hung with plastic mirror hangers. Each mural is sealed with a special, lasting finish. Movable Murals are great for home and commercial use.
   Personalized Murals may also be done! Price may vary depending on the amount of detail requested. "I really enjoy personalizing work about special people, places, or events. Picture your family walking in an ancient village with thatched roofs or watching sheep on a hillside in Scotland or Ireland. Your family or pet can be painted into any place and time period. Barbara will personally send you photo updates as your mural progresses.
   Imagine a mural with your child riding a zebra or dressed as a clown in a circus.
   If you can dream it, I will paint it!"

   Movable Murals are now available in full-size, certified, limited edition, (numbered 1- 300) giclee prints. These are museum quality, heirloom prints on stretched canvas or laminated boards. Each art piece can be reproduced the same size as the original or made any proportioned size desired and comes with a brass title plaque.

Create a Mood
Create a Memory
Recapture the Past.

Rite of Rushbearing
This is a 4' X 8' mural titled "Rushbearing Ceremony, Old England"

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 Mukwonago, WI 53149
 (262) 363-9224